ISS. #4 | Understanding the PPA Standings, Top Players, and Prize Money in Professional Pickleball

ISS. #4 | Understanding the PPA Standings, Top Players, and Prize Money in Professional Pickleball

The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) has quickly become the premier organization for professional pickleball, attracting top talent and offering significant prize money. Here’s a breakdown of how the PPA standings work, a look at the top players in today's game, and an overview of the money prizes up for grabs.

PPA Standings Rules

The PPA standings are determined based on players' performances in various sanctioned tournaments throughout the season. Points are awarded based on the round reached and the prestige of the tournament. Here are the key components:

  1. Tournament Categories: Tournaments are categorized into levels such as Majors, 500, and 250, with Majors offering the most points.
  2. Points Distribution: Points are distributed based on players' finishes in each tournament. For example, winning a Major could earn a player 1,000 points, while a victory in a 500-level event might earn 500 points.
  3. Ranking Calculation: A player’s ranking is determined by their total points accumulated over the season. The points from their best performances (typically their top 10 results) are counted towards their final ranking.
  4. Seasonal Updates: Standings are updated after each tournament, keeping the rankings dynamic and competitive throughout the season.

Top Players in Today's Game

As of the latest standings, here are some of the top players dominating the professional pickleball scene:

  1. Ben Johns: Often regarded as the best male player in the world, Johns is known for his versatility, powerful shots, and strategic gameplay. He consistently performs well in both singles and doubles.
  2. Tyson McGuffin: Another top male player, McGuffin is known for his athleticism and fiery competitiveness on the court. He frequently contends for titles and is a fan favorite.
  3. Anna Leigh Waters: A rising star in the women’s game, Waters combines youthful energy with exceptional skill, making her a formidable opponent in singles and doubles.
  4. Simone Jardim: A veteran of the sport, Jardim has a rich history of success and is renowned for her precise shot-making and tactical acumen.

Money Prizes

The PPA offers substantial financial incentives for players, with prize money varying by tournament level:

  1. Majors: These top-tier tournaments often feature total prize pools exceeding $250,000, with winners in singles and doubles taking home significant shares. For example, a singles champion might earn $50,000.
  2. 500-Level Tournaments: These mid-level events typically have prize pools around $100,000, with champions earning approximately $20,000.
  3. 250-Level Tournaments: These tournaments offer smaller prize pools, usually around $50,000, with winners earning up to $10,000.

The lucrative prize money not only provides financial rewards but also attracts a high level of competition, ensuring that the sport continues to grow and thrive.


The PPA standings system is a comprehensive and competitive framework that highlights the best talent in professional pickleball. With top players like Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters leading the charge and substantial prize money on the line, the future of pickleball looks incredibly bright and exciting for both players and fans alike.

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