Hey there! We are Erin & Hunter, and we are the founders of On Holiday Pickleball. We started playing pickleball about a year and half ago with family and friends and little did we know that what started as a hobby, would soon turn into a business; On Holiday Pickleball.

What drew us both into the sport was the sense of inclusiveness and community surrounding pickleball. We noticed people of all ages were able to play, no matter their skill level. It wasn’t until we were traveling through Spain “dream talking” that we came to the realization that we could make an impact in this sport.

Our goal was to create a brand that emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and travel. Within this brand, we have strived to create an inclusive community that welcomes each and every person to enjoy this sport and feel that they are “On Holiday.”


With that, we invite you to travel often & play more. – Erin & Hunter